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Project: 01 – Apprentice Justin

Apprentice Justin was our first employee at the garage, as with traditional approaches Justin learned various aspects concerning Crypto documenting as he progressed as a learn-a-long.


Crypto Data Store

Project: 02 – Central Data Store

To enable ourselves to progress with many other projects it was identified that a data store holding various information was required. This is likely to be an on-going project as we will identify further data needs.


Crypto Twitter Lists

Project: 03 – Crypto Twitter Lists

This project will provide an always up to date list of twitter accounts which can be followed as per categories of the top Crypto asset tracking sites. This makes it easy for twitter users to follow Crypto categories of interest.


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A Crypto Learning Adventure

Apprentice Justin – A Crypto Learning Adventure.

Hey, welcome back to the Apprentice Justin series on In the previous Apprentice Justin posts, I started with the history of cryptocurrency. I talked about the very first examples[…]

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Learn Cryptocurrency With Apprentice Justin

Apprentice Justin – Smart Contracts, NFT’s, and Decentralization.

Hi everyone and welcome back to the Apprentice Justin series Smart Contracts, NFT’s, and Decentralization on In my previous post, “Blockchain, Earn, & Wallets” I explored exactly what a[…]

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Blockchain Tech, & How To Acquire & Store Cryptocurrency.

Apprentice Justin – Blockchain Tech, and How To Acquire and Store Cryptocurrency.

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Apprentice Justin series on As promised in my last post, this time I spent learning about different blockchain technology, the various ways[…]

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Apprentice Justin - Crypto Basics

Apprentice Justin – Crypto Basics

Hi everyone and welcome back to the Apprentice Justin series. Last time I left off talking about the history of cryptocurrency. Something that I thought I had a basic understanding[…]

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