Crypto Mining

Every cryptocurrency enthusiast must have heard about crypto mining. After all, mining is the first step in the life cycle of every Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR) or Litecoin (LTC) in existence. Of course, you don’t have to mine these cryptocurrencies by yourself to own them. However, crypto mining remains a very profitable way of earning regular income in the blockchain ecosystem.

What is mining?

Mining crypto is the process in which new coins are created and added to the circulating supply. With traditional fiat currencies such as dollar or euro, central banks are responsible for putting money on the market. With truly decentralized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Monero, each member of the network has equal rights to mint new coins.

However, mining crypto is not a simple process. Essentially, mining means using computer hardware to solve extremely complicated math equations. Whoever does it first is rewarded with new coins.

Some coins such as Monero can be mined using an ordinary PC or even a laptop. However, mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin requires so much computing power that in order to do it you need specialized hardware called “mining rigs”. Because constructing mining rigs, or even configuring premade ones, is very complicated and requires advanced tech knowledge, crypto mining used to be something reserved exclusively for IT experts.

Start mining today with Cloud Mining!

is one of the easiest and most profitable ways to start earning income with cloud mining. It allows you to use your PC or laptop to mine different cryptocurrencies and effortlessly withdraw the rewards to your wallet whenever you want.

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How do you mine?

Through the use of resources such as your PC or dedicated hardware you will perform tasks, or more specifically solve mathmatical prcocesses which if completed, you will be rewarded for in crypto. This comes in many forms but the main ways you mine include:


the easiest way to start mining using your current PC or hardware, everything is setup for you via software connected to the cloud.


Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) is hardware specifically designed for the purpose of mining crypto. 


Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) is probably the most visible and advertised way to mine crypto. It used the graphica processing power which gamers often use.


Central Processing Unit (CPU) is no longer widely used method, it’s essentially using the processing power of devices such as your PC but this is slow and not often profitbable anymore.

Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is a revolutionary way of mining crypto designed with one goal in mind: make crypto mining easily accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. Thanks to cloud mining, everyone can enjoy the rewards that come from mining, without the need of having any technical knowledge whatsoever.

With cloud mining, you don’t need to build your own mining rig, or even to buy one. You don’t have to actually own a mining rig at all, or pay the high energy costs associated with operating one.

So, how does cloud mining work? It’s simple: you download a software crypto miner and run it on your PC or laptop. As you use your computer, the miner runs in the background. You don’t have to worry about configuring it either, since the programme decides which coins are the most profitable ones to mine at a given time.

No expert knowledge required

No technical knowledge is required to setup and mine, simply download software to your PC, it will mine the most profitable coins depending on your computer hardware.

No requirement for expensive hardware

You can start mining with the hardware you have today, use your computer or the spares you may have laying around to add more mining power.

Steady state of passive income

The cloud mining software installed will also mine the most profitable coin at the time, you can sit back and let the software do the work for you.

Easy & Accessible

You can sign up today, it’s accessible to anyone with a computer and internet connection. Sign up, download and start mining!