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There are many ways in which you can earn Crypto, some of which require no capital or investment of assets to be rewarded. You can earn Crypto through various methods which you can read about further on.

The rise in value has given companies and retail investors huge returns due to which it has become the go-to place for trading and investing for a massive audience. However, crypto offers a lot of other avenues as well where a user can engage to get a lucrative earning. Some of these include hardcore mining activities while others are simple and of easy access to the general public. To further analyze how these work let’s discuss all these areas and what they bring to the table for consumers in view of earning Crypto.
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Ways to Earn

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Mining is a process in which miners are rewarded in a particular cryptocurrency in return for securing the network by validating transactions.

All transactions on a blockchain need to be validated and this is done by installing hardware that solves complex mathematical puzzles. Depending on the crypto, the hardware can differ for example, bitcoin requires ASIC miners while others can be mined using GPUs. With the increasing crypto prices, mining has become very profitable and is a great way to get hands-on with these digital assets.
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For assets that cannot be earned through mining, staking is the way to go.

For a basic understanding, there are two ways to validate transactions which are: – Validation through mining (Proof of Work) – Validation through staking (Proof of Stake) Although you don’t need hardware for staking, you need to hold an amount of the given asset to engage in the process.  The bigger the stake, the higher the chance for you to be picked to validate a transaction and earn. This is the process of gaining crypto using crypto.
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Cash Back Rewards

There are a few ways in which you can earn cashback, or actually crypto cashback. This is much like the traditional cashback in which you can earn when buying goods.

One of the easiest and most obvious ways to earn crypto is when you spend at retailers or websites online. Options are available from CoinCorner and Lolli. UK residents should use CoinCorner, and US residents use Lolli. These are easy to use and are much like other cashback options in which you can install a plugin. Earn bitcoin when you purchase from popular websites or book your next vacation for example.
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Learn & Earn

For those who do not want to invest in cryptocurrency and digital assets, learn and earn is a great option. Not only do you earn but you get twice the value, as you get to learn about the technology that backs different crypto & technology.

CoinMarketCap, for example, has partnered up with emerging projects for a campaign where you can learn about their project through videos, perform a quiz, and earn crypto assets in return. This can be most easily achieved on Coinbase’s platform. This is an example of how you can get access to these digital assets for free.
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Airdrops are rewards that you can receive in return for spreading awareness about a particular crypto project. New blockchain-based projects sometimes award active members in the community for getting new users to their platform, performing small marketing tasks like retweeting or sharing their posts for example.

Airdrops are usually available before the asset is available on the market to purchase. So keeping an eye on emerging projects is the key to this method. The small tasks that the representatives ask you to do can include signing up on their platform, downloading their application, sharing their posts, and following their social media channels. 
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Micro Tasks

Microtasks are similar to airdrops in many ways. Once again, you’re rewarded for performing tasks. The only difference is that these tasks are a bit more difficult compared to the ones in airdrops. Simply put, microtasks are activities that you perform for a project in return for a small fee, much like freelancing. These tasks can include downloading apps, watching videos, online surveys, reviews, testimonials, writing a press release, distributing a promotional video, etc.

All in all, the crypto space is growing and is providing individuals with a lot of opportunities to earn in different ways. Depending on whether you want to spend an initial capital or not.
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Yield Farming

Yield farming works much like the bond market. This is where you offer liquidity to the market by locking up your assets. In return for granting liquidity, you’re rewarded with digital assets. 

It is also sometimes referred to as liquidity mining. You can get hands-on with different assets through yield farming depending on the project. Much like staking, this is another way to add value to a project’s ecosystem in return for rewards. In order to continue to reap good returns on your locked up assets, you may need to research the best offering and move your assets around.
Blockchain Node Operator

Node Operator

Node operators traditionally offer support to a chosen network/blockchain by running a server which provides computing power, network bandwidth or computer storage.

There are many different types of nodes which you can set up and run. One example is to support decentralised storage by offering your spare computer as storage space. Other types could directly support the network for transcations or provide pure computing power. You could be rewarded for running a node and providing these services in crypto assets. As an example, you could run a storage node and rent your spare hard drive space to others. You would be rewarded in a specific crypto asset for this.

Learn & Earn with Coinbase

Coinbase must offer the easiest way to Learn & Earn today, it’s all within their platform so you only need to sign up, learn (take a quiz) and you earn!

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