Earn BTC with Honeygain by sharing your internet connection

Earn BTC with Honeygain by sharing your internet connection


There will be occasions when you come across something which gives cause for concern. This is true of when we first approached Honeygain, however following some due diligence we now want to shout about it! You can earn money or Bitcoin (which is what we’re interested in) by sharing your internet connection, and the results from our testing of Honeygain have been impressive.

What is Honeygain?

Honeygain is an application which you install either on your Windows, Mac or Android device. Essentially it uses your internet connection to perform work, which is detailed below.

You are rewarded in credits for your work, which you gather like bees. The better your internet connection, the longer you provide your spare connection, the quicker you will earn.

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What does it do?

The Honeygain application performs two functions that are visible and measurable within your dashboard: Gathering and Content Delivery.


Gathering is the process of performing search queries and collecting information. For example, the network provides the infrastructure to perform multiple queries from many different locations at any given time. Such actions are taken to perform market research and analytics. These search queries can be very valuable to companies to understand the responses, depending on the location and other factors.

Content Delivery:

Content delivery is used to provide localised delivery of content such as video, images and audio. Often its purpose is to serve up content quicker to those who are closer to you. There could be many people providing the content which has various benefits. Content delivery can be heavy, especially if you consider that you could essentially be streaming a live broadcast continuously. You should consider your internet bandwidth when doing this, as it could slow down other devices within your household.

Is it safe?

Honeygain states that your privacy and data is respected on the device you have the application stored on and that no personal data is collected. They are using your internet connection only.

Additionally, they confirm that they comply with both GDPR and CCPA. You can read more about this on their privacy policy, which details the limited data collected for sign up purposes and your IP address whilst using the application.

Having done our research, we would be happy to run the Honeygain application ourselves, however we would always encourage you to Do Your Own Research (DYOR).

In addition, whilst we are comfortable with the security measures taken locally on our own devices, you should consider where and how you would run this application at home.

What can I earn?

Snip of HoneyGain Earn

Firstly and most importantly, you can earn Bitcoin (BTC) and that’s why we’re here! Honeygain also offers an old money pay out if you’re interested in that sort of thing?

An earning calculator is available on their website however this is how they reward you:

  • Content Delivery: 10 credits per hour for content delivery.
  • Gathering: 1 credit per MB which you pass through your internet.

Your earnings are calculated daily and shown in your dashboard online. It provides the current balance, how much this equates to in dollars, and the percentage you need to reach until payout. Currently, there is a minimum payout of $20.

What’s more, if you log in to your dashboard each day you get a honey pot reward jar where you can earn up to 10,000 credits. Sadly, we have not been that lucky and instead had a reward of 20 credits each day…but every little helps!

To earn more credits Honeygain does run an affiliate scheme in which you will receive 10%. Our affiliate link for sign up is within this post and we would appreciate it if you followed that link. It helps us maintain the website and provide valuable information such as this!

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Get $5 sign up bonus!

Follow our link here and you will be rewarded with a $5 sign up bonus!

How do I install and run Honeygain?

Short Instructions:

  • Sign-up to Honeygain here
  • Download and install the application
  • Run the application
  • Opt to enable content delivery
  • Watch your credits grow!

Full Instructions:

1. Sign Up

Visit Honeygain via this link to sign up which will also provide you with your $5 sign up bonus.

Honeygain full sing up snip

2. Download application

HoneyGain Download Snip

3. Install application

Login to Honeygain, the download options will display in the top right of your dashboard.

Once you have downloaded the application, visit your download folder or your browser download history in the bottom left of your screen and double click to install. Allow the application to run through the installation process.

4. Run & Configure the application

a. Once the application has been installed it should automatically run. It will then ask you for your email address and password which are the same as what you signed up with.

b. If the application does not start you should be able to find this within your installed applications and start it manually.

c. The application will run in the background. Open the running application or right-click Honeygain in ‘other applications’. You can find this by clicking the up arrow in the bottom right-hand corner for Windows users. You should be presented with an option after you right-click the application to ‘enable content delivery’.

5. Watch your credits grow!

After installing the application, visit the web dashboard by logging in and you should now see your device registered and working. It will detail your earnings as stated above. Currently, you can only use two devices.

Snip of HoneyGain Earn


Honeygain has proven to be a great passive earner during our tests. We have opted to use Windows-based devices and have not tested either Mac or Android. To ensure you reach maximum earning capability you should opt to connect your devices running the application via ethernet. It’s capped at 100mbps, however, if your WiFi is not a strong connection you may hamper your chances of full earning potential.

Consider how much internet sharing you want to provide. If your internet speed is slow or you’re capped for the amount you can download/upload, you may not wish to run this 24/7. We are aware of other issues posted online, for example how content delivery can affect other content delivery services such as Netflix, however, we have not experienced this ourselves. As always, we would encourage you to take your own circumstances into consideration.