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Apprentice Justin

Justin is our Apprentice at TheCryptoGarage – He’s going to be learning all about Crypto from the absolute basics!

You can follow Justin as he learns and documents the various areas of Crypto and Blockchain technology. This is a great alternative way to learn as he’s going to cover the most common areas of concern, confusion and the questions that you and many others are likely to have!

The Crypto Garage Apprentice Justin

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Aim: Learn and gain knowledge for promotion

Justin will learn the foundations of Crypto and Blockchain technology, the garage way ! 


Documented Phases

Each phase will be documented in a post, this will allow others to learn-along with Justin


Glossary of Terms

Produce a Glossary of terms commnonly used and experienced during the learning


Beginners Guide

Produce a go to begginers guide to Crypto. A go to resource for others to use in the future

Latest Posts

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Cryptocurrency Glossary of Terms

Cryptocurrency Glossary of terms.

Hey everyone, welcome back to the Apprentice Justin series on Today we are going to go over some important cryptocurrency terms in the glossary below! Throughout your cryptocurrency learning,[…]

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A Crypto Learning Adventure

Apprentice Justin – A Crypto Learning Adventure.

Hey, welcome back to the Apprentice Justin series on In the previous Apprentice Justin posts, I started with the history of cryptocurrency. I talked about the very first examples[…]

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Learn Cryptocurrency With Apprentice Justin

Apprentice Justin – Smart Contracts, NFT’s, and Decentralization.

Hi everyone and welcome back to the Apprentice Justin series Smart Contracts, NFT’s, and Decentralization on In my previous post, “Blockchain, Earn, & Wallets” I explored exactly what a[…]

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Blockchain Tech, & How To Acquire & Store Cryptocurrency.

Apprentice Justin – Blockchain Tech, and How To Acquire and Store Cryptocurrency.

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Apprentice Justin series on As promised in my last post, this time I spent learning about different blockchain technology, the various ways[…]

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