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The Garage answers those questions of what, how and where in the world of crypto and blockchain technology in a clean and easy way.

Core crypto areas coverd

The core aspects concerned with cryptocurrency and the blockchain are divided into four key areas, mining, buying, trading and earning. Dive straight into each area for detailed information, updates guides and how to’s


Buying cryptocurrency today is straight forward and available to anyone. No longer is is complicated and confusing. Information and guides on purchasing your cryptocurrency.


A fun and educational way of aquire crypto. We will explain the different types of mining including how you can start today.


For those that would like to buy and sell crypto. We explain where this can be done, considerations and some key terms used when trading.


You can earn crypto through various tasks and actions. The easiest method of ‘learn & earn’ will reward you with crypto for simply watching videos and taking a quiz on it.

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Latest Posts

Check out our latest posts containing a wealth of information, we try to keep things simple with easy to use how to’s. We don’t provide recycled news, all content is provided by TheCryptoGarage, if you have a relevent area or topic you want us to cover then get in touch!

QT Wallet Dash Command Cheat Sheet

QT Wallet – Command Cheat Sheet

This is a collection of common commands often used when working with a QT wallet, to create, start and manage master nodes. The purpose of this cheat sheet is to[…]

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linux node command cheat sheet

Linux Node – Command Cheat Sheet

This is a collection of common commands often used when working with Linux Operating Systems (OS) Linux Ubuntu is often the chosen OS when installing nodes for various reasons highlighted[…]

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A Crypto Learning Adventure

Apprentice Justin – A Crypto Learning Adventure.

Hey, welcome back to the Apprentice Justin series on TheCryptoGarage.com. In the previous Apprentice Justin posts, I started with the history of cryptocurrency. I talked about the very first examples[…]

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Presearch Node Thecryptogarage.com

Presearch Node build & install on Windows using Docker – How-to Guide with steps

This post is a guide to installing a Presearch node in Docker using Windows. This is likely to be the quickest and easiest method to get started and stand your[…]

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Learn Cryptocurrency With Apprentice Justin

Apprentice Justin – Smart Contracts, NFT’s, and Decentralization.

Hi everyone and welcome back to the Apprentice Justin series Smart Contracts, NFT’s, and Decentralization on TheCryptoGarage.com In my previous post, “Blockchain, Earn, & Wallets” I explored exactly what a[…]

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Presearch.org Screen Earn Crypto

Search privately online with a decentralized search engine and earn Crypto $PRE

Blockchain technology and decentralization are enablers for change in many ways, notably in the area of how our data is collected and used online by big technology companies. Our data[…]

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Earn Crypto BAT BTC PRE Browser Brave Presearch

Browse, Search, Purchase online and earn Crypto $BAT $BTC $PRE

We previously covered a match made in heaven post using Brave browser to earn BAT whilst you browse the internet, and to earn BTC with Bitcoin back when you make[…]

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Blockchain Tech, & How To Acquire & Store Cryptocurrency.

Apprentice Justin – Blockchain Tech, and How To Acquire and Store Cryptocurrency.

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Apprentice Justin series on TheCryptoGarage.com. As promised in my last post, this time I spent learning about different blockchain technology, the various ways[…]

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